10 Instagram statistics for Marketing Students and Business

Instagram has become the pillar of the social media world. It is the most used social media platform.

With the new normal everybody is seeking online platforms for their growth. Among all the successful and promising social media platforms, Instagram is one of them. Though it is commonly used for free time extinguisher, some people take it to grow their business, social skills, global knowledge; in short for their growth.

Most of the features of Instagram are self-explanatory. However, there are some statistics that marketing students and business can adopt to grow.

Here are 10 statistics for students and business that has the potential to amplify the results.

1. Buying Likes and Followers:

2. Many people try to grow their followers organically. However, that takes years to get a decent following. Even though some people are against it, but it is a fact that if you Buy Instagram Followers and buy Instagram Likes, it provides you with a boost in your follower’s growth.

3. Decent but the most captivating bio:

Instagram Bio is something that gives viewers a first impression of your profile and the work. It is one of the simplest things to do but generally overlooked by the users.

4. Start with something specific:

Generally, when people try to grow their followers, they try to include a variety of content which logically should attract a variety of audience but it's the other way round. Followers, who followed for the post they liked, might unfollow you for the post that does not match their interest. This way your followers and likes will be volatile and will never reach a high number. Try to target a specific audience and take your actions accordingly. Gradually, you may include the variety in your feed which can be done only after knowing your audience and their taste.

5. Be Creative and Don't Repost:

Reposting stuff can give a bad impression on your profile. Being creative and loyal to your audience is the first step to buy a huge fan following. It might be possible that you admire the post of some other profile and want your audience to know about it. In such situations, you can repost giving all the credits to the profile holder. This way you will not only be adding value to the other profile but showing the authenticity of your profile.

6. Plan your feed:

Scheduling your post should be your preference always. It not only allows your followers to know about your attitude but the Instagram algorithm puts you on the top. Both ways it will be good for your profile to reach a high number of likes and followers.

7. Use hashtags:

Try using specific industry-based or specific field-based hashtags in your post and stories. Using hashtags will automatically deliver your content to the audience who follows such hashtags. You can look for the trendiest filed based hashtags for your profile.

8. Go live:

Going live and interacting with your audience is more like a gift that you give to your followers. Going live will bridge the gap between you and your followers and will be helpful for the person on either side of the screen.

9. Ask for their preferences and interact:

Posting your content all the time and not listening to the preferences of your audience can make you lose your followers. Try to know about their likes and dislikes by reading comments and by interacting over the Instagram comment section.

10. Look for feed data:

Analyse your likes, shares and saves using Instagram data feed analytics. This will give you transparency for your content. Publish the most liked stuff in a variety of manners keeping in mind the creativity every time you hit the post button.

11. Remind them to follow, like and share:


At the end of your reels, IGTV videos always ask your audience to follow your account, like and share your post. To avoid annoying them you can do this less frequently. If you do this in a balanced way, they will surely appreciate your work. Not doing this anytime might make you look egoistic.

12. BONUS - Collaborate:

Collaborating your lives and IGTv videos with the highly followed account in your field will help you to buy more followers and likes. Collaborating will help you to reach a large audience.

Instagram has become the pillar of the social media world. It is the most used social media platform. Moreover, marketers prefer it because most of its users are millennials who have good disposable income to try new things. If you are a marketer, you now know what and how you should use Instagram for your business.

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