Mr Noakhali aka Akash Goswami : The shining entrepreneur, musical artist & actor

Akash Goswami mostly known as Mr Noakhali.

Akash Goswami Known as Mr Noakhali (Bengali :আকাশ গোস্বামী - মি. নোয়াখালী ) a Bangladeshi musical artist, actor, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Influencer Youtuber Who is Mostly known as a digital marketer actor rather than Musician. He born 1995 in Noakhali.
At the age of 16 he started digital marketing created some music.
Akash Goswami ( Mr Noakhali ) is also a actor. He did a tv series which name is "Baba thake bashay 2"
Apart from this, he making video on youtube. Recently his youtube channel Mr Noakhali completed 100k subscribers got verification badge.He also got verification badge on music platform spotify.

He grew up in Gopalpur. He has huge fan follower on online offline.... Besides!this He is a businessman.He was featued in top class newspaper. He loves what he do, thats why he is successful.! Mr Noakhali comoleted his BBA from National university. At present he manages lot of international brand...

Mr Noakhali

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