Sexy Air Jordan 1 High '85 New Beginnings for Sale

Sexy Air Jordan 1 High '85 New Beginnings for Sale

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Nike SB board shoes five bears dancing bears fluffy pink bear "bear fur" NIKE SB DUNK LOW PRO QS "Three Bears" Dunk SB "Three Bear Pack" released in 2006 is also a representative work of the family, unique "bear fur" shoes The noodles bring a unique texture experience. And this magical theme will return this year, paying tribute to the American psychedelic rock band Grateful Dead, taking the "dancing bear" on the classic album cover as the inspiration to upgrade the former "three bears" to "five bears".

Jordan AJ1 Flip White Red Chicago Air Jordan 1 High '85 New Beginnings classic retro classic high top "Flip White Red Chicago", to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 1 High, Jordan Brand has created a lot of heavy color schemes for it. The shoe model of the early 1985 AJ1 is engraved. The white and red color design is even more dreaming back to the 80s. Although your AJ1 has many pairs, but such a pair is completely loyal to the first year Air Jordan 1, you really have no reason to miss it.

Jordan Sale USA line gray-blue waste recycling and the final original shoe comparison is completed. Nike launched a very exploratory footwear product series this summer-Space Hippie. This series of products is environmentally friendly, but does not deviate from Nike's bold and innovative design concept. Shoe upper "The flying thread upper made of Space Hippie engineering mesh is the product of turning waste into treasure. These flying threads are made of a large amount of recycled materials, including recycled plastic water bottles, T-shirts and discarded yarn." Sole "All Space Hippie sneakers are made of'pit-shaped foam' material, which is made of a mixture of standard Nike foam and about 15% Nike Grind rubber. The weight of the raw materials is reduced, and the carbon emissions are less. New Ray-Ban Sunglassess  At the same time, Nike Grind particles give each pair The midsole of the shoe has a unique texture and color."


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